Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Jazz Clinic Moves to a New Home

As of today, I (with the help of web guru and talented bassist, Professor Hummingflower of The Waitiki 7) have ported all of this blog's old content to a new Wordpress format. For those of you who read The Jazz Clinic in a RSS aggregator, please update your RSS subscriptions to

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Waiting for the festivities at Gojjo to begin at 2 pm. Its the 1 year anniversary of SciFi Philly! Congratulations Dan, Jon and Stephen. DIY creative music in Philly presented by musicians is thriving thanks to these guys. Especially looking forward to out-of-towners Russell Baker (from my alma mater B-CC) and Pete Robbins.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

RIP Calvin Dominique Wilkerson, son of Philadelphia drummer and former Ornette Coleman sideman, G. Calvin Weston. Dominique, as he was known was the victim of a deadly hit-and-run in Northeast Philadelphia on Thursday night. For more info:

Friday, May 08, 2009

Sitting around trying to decide whether to stay up and go to Burnt Sugar at the North Star Bar or go to sleep and catch up on the week's lost zzz's. Had a really productive day at work. Listened to some killer punk band called Gun Club as well as the brilliant new Akron/Family release on Dead Oceans called "Set 'em Wild, Set 'em Free" - a great mixture of soft folk and dancy krautrock.

vacation photos and other thoughts

Since I've last blogged, I've been to DC for Passover, Seattle and San Francisco (for a professional and personal vacation). And of course, I've been in and out of New York a whole bunch of times (3X since I came back April 26). And I'm going back yet again tomorrow for a recording session, then down to DC on Saturday night and back up to Philly on Monday. Whew!

Maybe at some point I'll get around to blogging something about my excellent trip to the Left Coast, but for now I'll just leave you with a few pictures and let the pictures do the talking.

A specialty record store called Zion's Gate Records on E. Pike St. in Seattle. My first day there before the EMP Pop Conference began. Strangely enough, in Zion's Gate, I found a copy of Quartet Music's Window on The Lake on Nine Winds (yes, that's Nels and Alex Cline, Jeff Gauthier and the late Eric Von Essen, for whom Cryptogramophone records was founded). Nels and Jeff look like they are straight out of Ridgemont High. Alex looks like the wolf man. I kid you not. Of all places - a reggae specialty shop in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle!?!? Who knew?

a rad skateboard and urban chic clothing/hat/shoe shop also on E. Pike St.

me on Pike St. with my first vinyl purchase of the trip.

A human-sized bunny in a store window. Naturally.

Pike Place Market - with blue skies.

flowers at Pike Place Market

belt buckles at Pike Place Market

more to come soon...


On another note, I've been wondering if there is a way to get my Twitter feed syndicated on my blog (but do I want you all to see what I'm tweeting?). I don't know the answer to that question. And I also would like to set up mobile blogging once again which I had set up on my old iPhone but never set up for my new one.

I'm strongly considering migrating this blog to a WordPress format as I am beginning to get used to that system on my new business website. Let me tell you, its way better than anything Google has come up with yet (but you do have to pay for the hosting).

Thursday, May 07, 2009

this music is torture!

I have been tempted to blog on many different subjects in the last few weeks/months. Everytime I start to put a post together, I abort and delete. But I just had to repost this one at the very least.

(Ending) Music as Torture


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I've been waiting since for a new Gary Bartz album since seeing him live in 1999 or so at the Smithsonian's Baird Auditorium. Bartz's last proper release was 1999's stellar "Live at the Jazz Standard Vol. 1: Solstice" with the fabulous Australian pianist Barney McAll, bassist Kenny Davis and drummer Greg Bandy.

So Bret Primack, aka jazzvideoguy has posted an excellent video on Bartz in anticipation of a new record dedicated to Coltrane. Obviously, I'd wished for something original, but after almost a decade keeping a very low profile with extremely scant updates to his website, it's good to see Bartz back in the mix - especially on video. Thanks Bret!

If you're in any of these locales, go check out Gary with McCoy Tyner, his old buddy from the Milestone years.

19 guest W/ McCoy Tyner Trio - Penn State / University Park, PA
21 guest W/ McCoy Tyner Trio - SUNY Purchase / Purchase, NY
24-25 guest W/ McCoy Tyner Trio - Blue Note / New York, NY
27-28 guest W/ McCoy Tyner Trio - Regatta Bar / Boston, MA

MARCH 2009
26-28 masterclass, clinic & perf. - UNC-Wilmington / Wilmington, NC

APRIL 2009
4 guest W/ McCoy Tyner Trio - Berks Jazz Fest / Reading, PA
5 guest W/ McCoy Tyner Trio - Music Center at Strathmore / Bethesda, MD
30 guest W/ McCoy Tyner Trio - Orchestra Hall / Minneapolis, MN

MAY 2009
2 guest W/ McCoy Tyner Trio - Longwood Gardens / Kennett Square, PA

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christian McBride = MAN OF STEEL

Even though he needs to hook up a RSS feed already so all of us RSS nuts can subscribe in our readers, Christian McBride is a bad man.

I never knew a musician could work so much and still find time months later to put it all together so coherently. In particular, what he says about his friends Freddie Hubbard and Tony Reedus is just priceless. We need more musicians blogging! But for our generation, there is no better connector between today and yesteryear than Christian McBride.

Some YouTube video is indispensable for such a remarkable year in a musician's career:

Five Peace Band in The Hague, Netherlands (featuring bowed bass solo):

Five Peace Band in Ankara, Turkey:

Now bring back the podcast and we're golden!


All-Star Salute to Ray Brown:
28 Los Angeles, CA Walt Disney Concert Hall

Christian with "Five Peace Band":
31 Seoul, Korea Welch-Ryang Auditorium
02 Tokyo, Japan (THRU 2/8) Blue Note Tokyo (THRU 2/8)
10-11 Kowloon, Hong Kong Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
13 Manila, Phillipines Harbour Garden/Sofitel Phillipine Plaza
17 Adelaide, Australia Her Majesty's Theater
18 Melbourne, Australia Hamer Hall
20-21 Sydney, Australia Sydney Opera House
22 Auckland, New Zealand Aotea Centre - ASB

27 Parkersburg, WV West Virginia University - Parkersburg (CAC)
03 Gainesville, FL University of Florida/Phillips Center
04 Jacksonville, FL Florida Theater

A CHRISTIAN MCBRIDE SITUATION w/ Ron Blake, DJ Logic & David Gilmore:
06 South Orange, NJ SOPAC (South Orange Performing Arts Center)

Christian with "Five Peace Band":
19 Los Angeles, CA Royce Hall - UCLA
20 Santa Barbara, CA Campbell Hall - UCSB
21 Berkeley, CA Zellerbach Auditorium - UC Berkeley
24 Modesto, CA Gallo Center for the Arts - Mary Stuart Rogers Theater
25 Denver, CO Paramount Theater
27 Miami, FL Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts
28 Savannah, GA Savannah Music Festival - Trustees Theater
01 Houston, TX Verizon Wireless Theater
02 Austin, TX University of Texas Performing Arts Center - Bass Concert Hall
03 Chicago, Ill Chicago Theater
04 Ann Arbor, MI Hill Auditorium/University of Michigan
06 Nashville, TN Schermerhorn Symphony Center
07 Urbana, IL Krannert Center/Tryon Festival Theater
23-25 New York, NY Frederick P. Rose Hall/Lincoln Center
26 Glenside, PA Keswick Theater
28 Montreal, QUE Place des Arts
29 Bethesda, MD Music Center at Strathmore
30 Boston, MA Berklee Performance Center
01 Burlington, VT Flynn Center for the Performing Arts