Wednesday, March 21, 2007

putting the internet radio thing in perspective

I just read this article on about the apparent impending demise of streaming radio stations in their many formats on the internet and my socks were scared off.

Here is the paragraph that really got to me:

Even at the new rate of $.0008 per performance, applied retroactively to 2006, Pandora is on the hook for "millions and millions" of dollars in royalty payments to SoundExchange, Westergren told Salon -- far more than the company took in as revenue.

If they took away Pandora (an operation I thought was doing everything legit - a service I personally pay for to enjoy!), that means would also go away... and most of the not-so-profitable Launch channels, radioio and my ability to hear my alma mater's signal from Pittsburgh to Philly, where I live now or to anywhere I might live in the future.

This all really made me what to scream.

Thanks to Pat for tipping me off to the gravity of this situation. If you care about music discovery and you've ever bought an album because of what you heard online, this is the time to speak out people!

If you haven't already, you can sign the various petitions to keep things reasonable.

Write your congressman/congresswoman about this serious matter. Yes, that means you too.