Saturday, February 25, 2006

Prefuse 73 is following me; Chris Potter on WRCT

So last night I saw Prefuse 73 again - second time in two months. Truth be told, I knew he was coming and helped promote the show through wrct but it seems like all of a sudden I see this dude in DC and then he comes to Pittsburgh. it was good. my impressions are basically the same except this show, I had earplugs and I'm not sure if they enhanced or took away from the experience.

he is a sound artist and what he is doing is basically sonic collages out of any given order, w/ hip hop beats to root the crowd every once in a while. to call Prefuse 73 a hip-hop DJ is like calling Venetian Snares a jazz artist cuz he uses samples of Billie Holiday.

Anyways, some really cool news - tomorrow on The Return of the Jazz Clinic, you can tune in to hear me interview Chris Potter on the air at 5 PM. The show is from 2-6 PM. Listen online here.

Some sweet records I got into rotation this week:

Hank Mobley - Workout (Blue Note)
Maria Schneider - Days of Wine & Roses (artistshare)
Paul Shapiro - It's in the Twilight (Tzadik)
Alex Sipiagin - Equilibrium (Criss Cross)
Manuel Valera - Melancolia (self-released)

I will post my playlist here tomorrow after my show and I'll try to post a transcription of the Chris Potter interview as soon as possible.

Now listening to: Sonny Clark - Cool Struttin' (Blue Note)

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