Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chris Potter on YouTube!

Finally. A video of saxophonist Chris Potter with his own band to satiate my unending urge for new bootlegged Chris Potter. Can't wait to see this band again. I was looking IMN World's site and apparently they are coming to Philadelphia (Chris' Jazz Cafe) in February of 2007. But I'll have to go up to NY before then. Meanwhile I think I'll enjoy his albums and these two videos which another fan seems to have clandestinely taped with the camera under his table in the front row of the Jazz Standard in NY.


Dean Christesen said...

I'd love to see Chris Potter live, I'm such a big fan. But I've noticed his website isn't very good about listing all his gigs. How do you stay up to date with them?

Dr. Jazz Ph.D. said...

You've got to look at his new booking agency's site (IMN World) for his own dates as a leader which I linked to in the text of my post.

Lately, he's been keeping his site pretty up to date. Just

I just noticed he finally put up some new content on the ArtistShare side of things.