Monday, July 16, 2007

great new Stereophile "blog"

Writer and scholar Fred Kaplan has a great new blog called "The Jazz Messenger" on Stereophile's website (there are also blogs by the magazine's music editor, Robert Baird and Wes Phillips (another music contributor to the magazine).

Over the years Fred has been a jazz contributor to print and online outlets such as The Absolute Sound, Slate (where he is currently their national security correspondent), Stereophile Magazine and other spots. He is a national security expert and just finished a book on the subject, but as you'll be able to tell, he has great ears and likes great jazz - from new and emerging talents to established masters.

For some reason, the Stereophile "blogs" don't have RSS feeds so they are not really fully "blogs" as much as "dynamic web pages." Thus, if you want to know about new entries, you have to bookmark the page and check it for updates but hopefully this will change soon. His latest post, on Jason Moran's recent residency at Jazz Standard in New York City (which ended last night) is especially good. Also dig the video revealing White House press secretary Tony Snow is a decent flutist.

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mjcarrabine said...

I agree with you, I pretty much don't read any site that doesn't have an RSS feed. I'm even getting to the point where I avoid sites that don't put full articles or at least more than a headline in the feed. I just don't have time anymore.

Unfortunately, there are posts dating back to 2005 of people asking Stereophile for an RSS feed.