Monday, January 09, 2006

chit-chat with dave

A recent aim chat with my boy Dave:

me: yo

dave: hey man

me: I watched the Director's Label Michel Gondry documentary tonight (props to Beej for the recommendation)

dave: word
me: not all the videos, but the whole documentary part

dave: that's the best one

me: jesus christ

dave: i've only seen the videos

me: that dude is fuckin.....great

dave: hehe yeah!

me: insane, in an amazing way

me: the kylie minogue video is so incredible

dave: yeah dude i love his camera effects because they're invisible but the effect is so good

me: right

me: the white stripes video with all the drumsets is also very provocative/creative

dave: yeah that must have taken forever

dave: well im sure there was a trick for that too

me: oh and last night I saw Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic in the theater

dave: how is that?

me: you MUST see that. it was like surreally put together - very random and sloppy. the flow of the stand-up material is not at all smooth. it's kinda random and it has some definite high and some definite low points....things that are just not funny.

dave: word okay

dave: i didnt know if it was gonna be good or not so good

me: and also you must see Good Night and Good Luck. I am so thrilled to see a jazz musician in a mainstream movie (and not just on the soundtrack, but showing the full band. it's Dianne Reeves who released an album that is basically the soundtrack to the film. She appears in musical interludes in a separate studio within the CBS complex with this tenor player I never heard of named Matt Catingub, pianist Peter Martin, Jeff Hamilton on drums, and Robert Hurst on bass. Really nice band I thought - for a straight-ahead thing.).

dave: my friends and i watched all 3 lord of the rings extended dvds on friday in a row

me: and Munich is on my list; also the new Woody Allen movie Match Point.

dave: yeah i might see match point this week

me: my roommate got a 12 DVD box set of Lord of the Rings

me: scarlet the starlet

dave: yeah that's what i have

me: I mean.....I like the Bjork videos but I can't say I can totally get down with her music

dave: yeah i've stopped listening to her, especially this semester

dave: it's odd. i don't have any real reason for it

me: I found it to be a turnoff that gondry did a video for Foo Fighters

me: lame

dave: lol foo fighters...yeah im not into that

dave: im gonna go to bed. take it easy, talk to you later

dave signed off at 1:44:47 AM.

I am signing off at 3:14:55 AM.


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