Friday, January 06, 2006

ode to a chocolate babka

Sorry for no good new stories from my life. Honestly its been pretty boring this week. Mostly working for Bob, a independent construction cost consultant who is old and stubborn and won't let me chat on AIM while I work because he read that it can give you viruses!

My tasks have consisted of nothing less than setting up a new Dell monitor with attached speakers, then documenting how to do it (in case he needs to do it himself in the future), doing an inventory of bags and bags of stuff he is giving away to Vietnam Veterans of America, getting pictures/logos/seals of jobs, companies, and governments his company has worked on or for, and finally today picking up two "plats" of "living" wheatgrass which he will later drink once he juices it. Bob's business was inherited from his father (it was started in 1920) and is so old that very often, the companies I am searching for have long been out of business, names of the companies have changed, and buildings are no longer there and so on. Most of this I find out on my own. His work lists are done from his memory which is good but obviously often quite dated. For all of this image searching my guiding light has been Google Image Search (gotta give props where props are due).

On a lighter note, I spent New Year's Eve reconnecting with some people from high school; people whom I thought I paid Carnegie Mellon plenty of money to never have to see again. But alas. Anyways the DJ there was spinning GOOD music: remixed Bobby Hutcherson, some Motown stuff, and strangely interesting poser afro-beat anthems.

On an "upbeat" note, I have been retained to do my first radio and print promotions job. Even got a check to listen to the CD and write up my ideas for the artist (who happens to be my old saxophone teacher Paul Carr). I will link to his new website, which I am helping to develop. Meanwhile, here is an INTERVIEW I did with him a little over a year ago to get his name out there beyond the MD-DC-VA area. Hopefully this album will get him some more credit which he very much deserves if only for the countless students whose lives he has changed by simply exposing them to the core vocabulary of jazz improvisation.

I think that's it for now.

Now Listening To: Sam Bevan - The Fine Line (contemplating a review of it for All About Jazz).

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