Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Past few days + a good movie

It's really weird. Some days I wake up at 7:30 after having gone to bed at 3 AM and its enough sleep. Others, I sleep til noon or after and it's just not enough. I will sleep for eight hours, wake up, check some emails, and then go back to sleep. I'm gonna have to snap out of this real soon with reality coming to hit me in the face in a couple months.

Anyways, yesterday was a 'sleep the whole day' day and it ended in me missing an important test and not being able to meet with my group members as planned to get together and complete the group assignment for shitty OID. Well its now Tuesday night, and not only haven't I studied for the test I missed, I am not done with the assignment - and it's due tomorrow at 5 pm.

In my perennial quest to do as much wrong as possible before actually knuckling down and getting some work done, I decided I would watch this movie I got from Netflix with Nicholas Cage and Michael Caine about a guy who is an unhappy weather man on TV. This is a really good movie. It is kind of a reflection on a lot of the things I think about often: where will I be when I'm 40? Who will I be? Will I be defined by my failures or by my successes? Will I have any successes? The cover is pictured to the right.

This movie really gets at life in general in an enlightening yet very dark way, much like American Psycho did. I think I like this move equally well. Perhaps more, because of the lack of brutal murdering - which I am not a fan of (but could tolerate because it was all so tongue-in-cheek.

Anyways, you should check it out. I was truly impressed by Caine's character, and tormented, which one should be, by Cage's.

Over and out....oh shit I'm cooking pasta......

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