Tuesday, December 20, 2005

finishing this paper

So, the crux of my argument is basically that Rome and Dunn are arguing on different terrain and therefore it is largely unappropriate to compare their studies. But they do overlap in the land of values - values concerning personal choice versus the public good; choices concerning selfishness versus selflessness; choices concerning the ecological decisions we make as beings capable of mass destruction and change.

Meanwhile, am I writing this paper. No I'm on the air spinning live Keith Jarrett Trio from 1988. And yes, that's on vinyl. The last two hours I've been on the air I've spun exclusively vinyl. I figure I can forego the three new cuts per hour right now cuz its random schedule and CMJ is not taking reports. I am pretty sure I have decided to spin all four sides of this double-LP gatefold Jarrett. It's called Still Live and includest titles like "When I Fall in Love," "The Song is You," "Autumn Leaves," "My Funny Valentine," "Come Rain or Come Shine," "You and the Night and the Music," "Someday My Prince Will Come," and "I Remember Clifford." Good shit if you are in the mood to listen to Keith whine to himself, which of course is the exact mood I'm in.

DJ Lode, DJ Denton, and Plumpernickel have all left and supposedly gone to bed. Those lucky chums are done with finals and when I finish tomorrow, I think I might have finished college - depending on a couple things.

I really need to get a more regular job that requires me waking up in the morning and going to sleep before 2 AM. Preferrably before 1 AM. That is gonna be a paradigmatic shift for me given the wanton lifestyle I have been living here. I still have to take care of my shit at the Underground and I don't think I can just go cold turkey on WRCT (both by habit and because the current system would probably fall apart if I just up and left). I will probably take one class though and get a crap hourly job at first (maybe catering - I know someone doing that right now whose doing ok for himself) while I conduct a more thorough multi-city job search for something in public relations or where I can promote or present music. I will also be looking for jobs in public radio of course, which would really be a dream come true if I got one of those. I would totally be willing to work my way up even in non-jazz formats.

Ok. Just signed off. Ugh. Terrible automation track. Is this hip-hop????????? Awful. Eat me....

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