Friday, December 30, 2005

Soon Du Bu

Today was a whirlwind of medical offices, forms, insurance numbers, and iPod troubles!

I started my day at 9 AM after almost 11 hours of straight sleep. I should really do that more often. Not going out and waking up in the morning is way underrated.

First we went to DC to get my stitches removed and a flu shot. Of course my mom had an arsenal of questions lined up for her long-time doctor who was nice. 9,342 forms later, we were off to the gastroenterologist to investigate my indigestion and bloating after meals. Aside from leaving my new chic cell phone there after a lengthy discussion of routes I could take, that visit was rather uneventful. Finally we had to rush to do blood tests required by the gastroenterologist, which it turned out we couldn't do because the friggin blood people cannot do what the patient asks for, only what the form says. So if I have eaten anything in the last 8 hours, I can't get the blood test done for the six other things that don't require me to not have eaten. Basically I can't be selective with what I test for. So that was annoying.

Then finally a circuitous quest to eat food. We saw tried to grab a bite at a Chipotle but NOOOO, I can't have dairy for the week says the gastro guy. And as we all know, you can't have a Chipotle burrito without sour cream! So we decided to try to kill two birds with one stone by going to try to sell the remainder of my CDs at Joe's Record Paradise. Earlier in the week I had been moderately unsuccessful in trying to unload these CDs for cash at CDepot in College Park. So we pull up at Joe's and the old terrific Chinese place I used to eat at after getting rekkids was gone. So much for the sustainability of the suburban strip mall (more on that at another time). But ephemerality (word?) does not apply to Joe's. Yes, it might be in the self-same strip mall, but it is a bulwark of the long-playing record as an institution. You can find SO much more at Joe's than at Jerry's. But you pay for it. I got $20 in trade for a bunch of crappy new shit that I probably bought trying to be up with the times. I am getting over that attitude in my collecting and listening. So today I picked up the following vinyl:

  1. Oliver Nelson - The Blues and the Abstract Truth (Impulse!) (the original artwork with the right side of Oliver Nelson's lit by a blue light)
  2. Freddie Hubbard & Woody Shaw - Double Take (Blue Note)
  3. OTB - Out of the Blue (Blue Note) w/ Kenny Garrett, Ralph Peterson, Ralph Bowen, Harry Pickens, Michael Philip Mossman, and Bobby Hurst
  4. Rahsaan Roland Kirk - The Return of the 5000lb. Man (Warner Bros.)
  5. Phineas Newborn Jr. - The Great Piano of Phineas Newborn Jr. (Contemporary)
(Flashback to Monday)

Well, I met up with my friend Adam (who has developed a sweet tenor sound and concept up at McGill since I last saw him) and we took a trip as a group to CDepot, the BEST local store for new and used jazz CDs and frankly any other recorded sound or video in the DC metro area. Not very centrally located, CDepot houses millions of volumes at any given time. I was able to unload what amounted to $25. But thanks to Channukah money and some other cash I got:

  1. Branford Marsalis - I Heard You Twice the First Time (Columbia)
  2. Others will come in due time.


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