Monday, December 19, 2005

First Post!

I feel so affected creating a blog. It's like joining myspace or facebook and just basking in your own juices hoping that others will follow in fleeting moments of curiosity.

Anyways, here I am. In Pittsburgh, I am known as Dr. Jazz Ph.D. which is my radio moniker. I have a show called Full Boat Radar Range which playfully pokes fun at another member of the station who happens to use hilarious terminology for audio files and computer configurations both knowingly and unknowingly (mostly the latter). Those who get it will get it. Those who don't....well, too bad for you.

So, this blog will be a mix of my witticisms (sp?/is that even a word?), observations on the state of this great country of ours, and my feelings on the past, present, and future of jazz which is the lifeblood of

I want to give shoutouts to the following individuals who have inspired this blog: Grandma, Seth, Benjoid, Mom, Dad, Uncle Abrascha, Dave Munk, Plumpernickel, dhartuni, ams1, Raphael (good luck in London!), Tonaming, Wingonding, jbsgnats, Adamame, BGS, Doug Ramsey, and that ass Bret Primack who makes like he invented the idea of jazz musicians having websites.

Tonight and for the next two days, I will be writing a critique of two books: one defining and arguing against suburban sprawl called Bulldozer in the Countryside by noted environmental scholar Adam Rome; and the other extolling the democratic virtues of the private automobile, essentially defending sprawl under the auspices of democracy and arguing against the menace known as "smart growth" called Driving Forces by some Fascist named James A. Dunn of the Brookings Institution.

So far my work ethic has been very poor, but I think I will be able to pull something together that sounds coherent without being too radical and pro-smart growth.

Yesterday at Paul's CDs in Bloomfield where WRCT gets all the good shit, I bought 4 CDs for myself: a Woody Herman concert from Carnegie Hall 1975 (Woody Herman Featuring Stan Getz), a Roland Kirk live set from Copenhagen originally on Mercury (the years before he became Rahsaan) and rereleased on Verve (Kirk in Copenhagen), a jazz chamber album called The October Suite by pianist Steve Kuhn, arranged and conducted by Gary McFarland, and a Freddie Hubbard session from 1962 called Ready for Freddie which I have been wanting to pick up for years.

Now listening to: Roland Kirk - Kirk in Copenhagen

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