Wednesday, December 21, 2005

just when I thought everything was cool....

I was celebrating my completion of the paper which I worked on all last night after the last post. Then I slept from Noon to 8 PM, got right to work, and had the paper done and emailed to the professor at 11 PM.

I tried to rally the troops that are still around for a little late night half-price food action or something but no one was up for it. So I started watching this stupid HBO movie with Alicia Silverston and Cary Elwes (you know, the dude Wesley from The Princess Bride) called The Crush. At a really creepy point, I couldn't stand the horribleness of what was going on so I decided to leave it for a second. I came back to my computer contemplating placing an order for pizza online, because you can do that these days and I didn't really feel like taking the effort to cook or go out in the freezing cold to pick up something. It's 1:30 AM mind you.

When I realized I wasn't so hungry that I was willing to go through all the effort, I sprang up realizing the movie was about to end, and tripped over the metal edge of my bed.

Initially the pain was so sharp that I thought I had just stubbed my toes really bad (I was barefoot). But then when I got to the living room I inspected my foot and discovered a nice fleshy opening between my second and third toes from the big toe. It was a big cut, spreading an inch and a half from between the toes to the top of my foot. It had not only cut open the skin slightly, but pretty deep. I parted the toes which tend to stay together and right there I realized I had to call 911. But as I noted, my cell phone is totally broken now. Not only is the LCD screen totally ripped off the keypad part, but something happened to the female part of the earjack thingie so now I can't even hear whoever I call or whoever calls me.

What do you do when you need to call 911 but you have no phone? You ask your roommate who also just finished his final project too a couple hours ago. He was cool about it. He even entertained me while the paramedics took their sweet time to get here.

So they got here and they're like "We can take you or you can take yourself."

Ummm, I'm sitting here in pain applying pressure and they still haven't looked at the cut. What the fuck guys? I know you have a shitty job and its a quarter to 2 in the morning but throw me a friggin bone. So they gimme some gauze letting me apply it to my own cut.

Standard questions: what's your name? take any meds? social security number? ID? "No ID, can't take you to the hospital without that..."

Of course I had left my wallet in the car downstairs from early this morning when I deliriously drove home. Finally once I had everything I needed, we got in the ambulance, I had a nice little chat with the paramedic and I get to the hospital. Now it's 1:55 (about 15 minutes since the incident). After two rounds of registration where they ask me all the same fucking questions the paramedics asked, I got to wait for someone to see me. Meanwhile my foot is still moderately bleeding. Just as I sit down the security guard calls over to me that I have to sign in. What the fuck is that? Sign in for what? Can't you talk to the other two registration women I just talked to?

It's about 20 minutes before some woman comes out and butchers my name. I sit in the treatment room for another 20 minutes before the physicians assistant comes to attend on me.
They put in 4 stiches (wasn't too painful) and then they left me in the room for another 40 minutes - cuz why do I need to get home and go to sleep?

And then I get to the door and I have to walk home cuz of course I can't call anyone to pick me up. I don't have my cell and I can't use the courtesy phone since I don't know anyone with local phone numbers except Plumpernickel and I remember seeing his AIM message saying g'night while I was looking all over for my wallet.

Now I'm home after freezing my ass off and I'm fucking hungry this time.....

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